Surface Protection Products You Should Be Using

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Surface protection is an important part of maintaining not only the appearance of a home or business during construction and remodeling, but also the longevity of those surfaces you’re protecting. Whether you need to protect concrete or hardwood floors, marble and granite countertops, doorways, or furniture, using the right surface protector can make all the difference. At Ram Board, we make it our job to help you protect your job.

Why is surface protection important?

It doesn’t matter if it’s foot traffic, machinery, or equipment, high traffic areas are prone to damage. Imagine any typical jobsitebare dirt and mud when it rains are pretty common sights to see, especially on a new build. It’s not always easy to avoid tracking that dirt and mud inside, especially when you and your crew are focused on getting the job done.  Inside a residential or commercial jobsite, can you say with confidence that you won’t accidentally drop tools or splatter paint or swing a ladder too wide and hit a doorway? Chances are these things have all happened at some point in your career, and that is why surface protection is so important. Instead of tracking that mess inside or accidentally damaging new floors or surfaces that you or another crew just installed, putting down surface protectors ahead of time can save you the headache and potential cost of repairs later down the line.

How to Choose the Right Surface Protector for Your Job

It’s important to consider a few factors when choosing the right surface protector:

What kind of surface are you protecting?

There are a lot of different types of temporary surface protection products out there. It really comes down to the type of surface you’re looking to protect. 
  • Hard Surfaces: Drop cloths and heavy-duty paperboard protection rolls are great for hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, linoleum,stair armor temporary floor protection on hardwood stairs concrete, and more. 
  • Carpets: Carpeted surfaces can hold a lot of dirt. Use a heavy-duty carpet film or drop cloth to block dust and debris from filtering down into the carpet fibers.
  • Countertops: Self-adhering surface protection films for countertops and windows protect them from paint spills and overspray.
  • Stairs: Temporary stair protection is a convenient way to shield stairs from heavy foot traffic. There are also non-slip runners that can be placed on stairs that conform to the shape without slipping.
  • Doors: Using door frame protectors and covering your door in plastic sheeting or cardboard is an easy way to protect your door.
Before you place any surface protector down, make sure to clean the surface first. Any dirt or debris on the surface can cause scratching if it’s trapped.

What kind of equipment and traffic will the surface protector be up against?

wheel of forklift driving over ram board floor protectionIf you’re on a job that will have a lot of people coming in and out, moving equipment and potentially heavy machinery, you’ll need surface protection that can hold up to the job.  Corrugated plastic sheets are lightweight but strong enough for heavy machinery. Original Ram Board is durable enough for heavy traffic but if you’re looking for an ultra heavy-duty solution, try Pro Sheetsa super thick paperboard made to replace heavy, bulky masonite for floor protection. It’s a breathable surface protector so your floors can cure, it lays out fast and flat, and can withstand whatever the jobsite throws at it. 

Does your surface need to cure?

As we mentioned, sometimes the biggest question you need to ask is if your floors are ready to be covered. Curing concrete needs to be able to breathe in order to cure properly. Throwing down any old surface protector without considering this could lead to cure lines and other problems. You’ll need a breathable product like Ram Boardor Ram Board Home Edition for lighter applicationswhich allows vapors from curing concrete to escape. 

Protect Your Surfaces with Ram Board

When it comes to temporary surface protection, there are a lot of options out there. But choosing the right surface protection doesn’t have to be hard. Ram Board is engineered with pros like you in mind. From floor protection to stairs and doorways, Ram Board has your job covered. Explore our full line of surface protector products.