Choosing the Right Temporary Floor Protection Product

Top-down view of someone rolling out ram board on a floor.

Choosing the right floor protection shouldn’t be rocket science. Whether at home or on the jobsite, Ram Board has your floors covered. Our line of temporary floor protection is easy to install but tough enough to handle a wide range of jobs, from hardwood floors to curing concrete, and so much more.

Jobsite Floor Protection

Ram Board®: Reusable and easy to install, Ram Board is heavy-duty floor protection engineered with construction contractors in mind. It’s 5X thicker than Builder’s Paper so it’s tough enough to hold up to jobsite messes and uses breathable, Vapor-Cure™ technology so new floors can cure while you work.

Ram Board Plus®: Cut seam tape out of the equation! Just roll out Ram Board Plus, overlap the edges as labeled and remove the adhesive cover strip. Done! Ram Board Plus is reusable and lays out fast and has many of the same great benefits of Ram Board without worrying about seam tape.
Ram Board Home Edition floor protection
Ram Board Home Edition®: Perfect for DIYers or movers looking to protect hardwood or tile floors while getting work done. Home Edition is a lighter application but has the same features as the original board. It’s breathable, holds up against spills, and has an easy-to-use 3-score Wall Guard® feature that protects baseboards from scuffs and dings.

Pro Sheets™: Max out your floor protection with Ram Board Pro Sheets. At 8X thicker than standard Builder’s Paper, lightweight Pro Sheets are made tough so they hold up to tough work. Pro Sheets are easier to cut than plywood. They lay flat and seam together quickly, so you can protect floors and get to work fast.

More Pro Tools

  1. Use the Multi-Cutter to easily cut Ram Board to fit your space.
  2. Avoid cure lines by using Vapor-Cure® Tape.
  3. Make taping a breeze with the Ram Board Seamer tape applicator.
  4. Ram Jamb® protects your doorways in a snap.
  5. Stair Armor provides quick and easy temporary stair protection.