Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter Gets an Upgrade

Closeup of ram board cutter tool

Ram Board has worked hand-in-hand with contractors since 1999. These close relationships have fueled product innovation, ultimately improving the Ram Board product. At Ram Board, we continually listen to feedback during product testing and product launches to keep these products jobsite-ready and relevant to contractors.

Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter Utility Knife was designed from customer feedback, as a way to solve an on-going threat of harming delicate surfaces while cutting Ram Board. Box cutters or general purpose utility blades can potentially scrape and harm the surface underneath.

The Multi-Cutter upgrade protects floors from damage while allowing you to cut right on the finished surface. There’s no need to screw around with awkward angles and cutting ‘techniques’ while laying surface protection. Just line up your protection to the blade and let it cut. The Dual Edge Guard System™ protects both edges of the blade from contacting the surface, leaving the finish scratch-free.



Upgraded construction and design of the all-new Multi-Cutter.


  • The new design boasts a bigger build. This fits better in your hand allowing for improved control of the cutter.
  • Upgraded support and a thicker body are reinforced for drops and fumbles.
  • A sturdier Dual Edge Guard System™ ensures complete protection for surfaces.
  • The finger-guards have been enlarged to deny any contact with the blade’s edge.
  • Easier access to blade storage and a stronger magnetic hold. The cutter’s body stays closed when you want it.



Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter Utility Knife is a necessary addition to your Surface Protection system. Follow these simple steps to lay and cut Ram Board, for complete jobsite protection:


  1. First, calculate how much surface protection board you’ll need for your job.
  2. Simply kick out your roll of Ram Board – make sure the logo side is up to prevent ink transfer.
  3. To ensure the board lays flat, simply roll the board up onto yourself to crush the fibers horizontally. Next, place your foot in the center of the board, pull up and crush the fibers vertically (watch this tutorial!)
  4. Once the board is flat on the surface, cut your surface protector with the Multi-Cutter.
  5. Overlap the edges of the board roughly 1-2 inches, and seam together with Ram Board’s Seam Tape. For easy application, utilize the Ram Board Seamer.
  6. Anchor the perimeter of the surface protector with Ram Boards Edge Tape. This tape is specifically designed for delicate surfaces, and ensures a clean removal. (14-day and 90-day options available)


At Ram Board, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. Feedback from individuals who know our products assist in the development of bigger, better ideas. Browse the full line of Ram Board products for complete jobsite protection.

New Multi-Cutter Display Packaging