How to Protect Concrete Floors During Construction

Ram board on the floor of a construction site with tools on it

Why is concrete floor protection important?

Concrete takes a long time to fully dry. A whole 30 days long. Even though it may seem like newly poured concrete is dry enough after only a few days, it hasn’t fully cured. If concrete floors don’t have enough time to properly and fully dry, it puts the surface at risk of serious damage and cracks caused by the extra moisture. In order to fully dry, the water must be able to evaporate. That means a breathable surface protector is a top priority for construction projects with concrete surfaces. And while there isn’t a way to make your concrete flooring cure faster, there is a wide range of concrete floor protection products that allow floors to breath and cure, while protecting them from spills, machinery, and foot traffic. Ram Board provides a variety of temporary floor protections for the concrete surfaces in your high-traffic construction site.

Temporary concrete floor protectors from Ram Board

Ram Board

ram board

Ram Board is a heavy-duty, reusable board product, made from recycled materials. This dependable surface protector is specifically designed with an exclusive Vapor-Cure technology, making it an extremely breathable option that allows floors to continue curing. Temporary floor protection can protect polished concrete finishes, decorative concrete, and epoxy-coated concrete floors. Ram Board is the most durable temporary surface protector and is tough enough to protect concrete surfaces during protection from spills, mud, and heavy traffic. 

Ram Board Home Edition

Love Ram Board, but need a lighter option? Ram Board Home Edition has all the same vapor-cure features as traditional Ram Board, making it another great option for concrete floor protection

Ram Board Pro Sheets

Ram Board Pro Sheets Heavy-Duty Floor Protection SheetsOn the other side of the spectrum, Ram Board Pro Sheets are roughly double the thickness of traditional Ram Board. Heavyduty surface protection sheets are a great alternative to masonite and corrugated plastic, but are still breathable enough to protect concrete slabs safely and effectively. 

How to install concrete floor protection products

Ram Board products are quick and easy to install. An added bonus: These dependable surface protectors will last throughout your job. 

  1. First, calculate how many rolls or sheets you’ll need to cover your concrete surface
  2. Sweep and clean the area you’ll be protecting.
  3. Next, roll or lay out your heavyduty surface protector. If you are using Ram Board Home Edition or Ram Board check out our helpful bendback method technique. 
  4. Overlap the seams by roughly 1-2 inches and seam together with Ram Board’s Vapor Cure Seam Tape.
  5. Lastly, secure the floor covering with a less aggressive tape along the perimeter to keep the surface fully protected. 

Make no mistake with concrete floor protection

When it comes to curing concrete, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ram Board is the tough, dependable option to protect concrete surfaces while you work. The Vapor-Cure Technology ensures that the concrete can continue curing, while still effectively protecting the surface underneath. Explore Ram Board’s full line of heavyduty surface protection options, or contact our team today!