3 Advantages of Temporary Floor Protection During Construction Projects

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Whether you’re planning on remodeling your office or are in the process of adding a new room inside your home, it’s best to utilize temporary floor protection throughout these construction projects.

From avoiding slip-related injuries to being eco-friendly, there are plenty of important reasons to utilize protective floor covering material. Here are the main advantages of using temporary floor protection during a construction or remodeling job:

Improved traction for a better job

During all types of construction jobs, slips, trips, and falls are extremely common. You can wear quality workbooks, keep your work environment well lit, and take other precautions to avoid falling down during your construction project, but there is still a chance you or anyone else in the area will slip, trip, or fall; causing serious injury. With protective floor covering, you’ll give yourself much better traction to avoid these dangerous incidents.


At first glance, using temporary surface protection doesn’t seem very green. Most paper board products are recyclable, and on top of that Ram Board is made of 100% recycled material, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and contributes to lead credits. If you also consider the amount of unnecessary energy and material needed to repair damaged surfaces, it becomes clear that properly used surface protection is in face a green option.

Salvage your floors

Without protective floor coverings, your floor will likely be completely destroyed during some major construction projects. If you’re hammering, sawing, or drilling away and you don’t have a protective covering underneath, there are all sorts of problems that will occur. Don’t let your nice home or office floors become damaged because you’re not utilizing quality floor protection.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of temporary floor protection during construction and remodeling jobs, give Ram Board a call right away.