3 Advantages of Temporary Floor Protection During Construction Projects

Ram Board Plus pretaped floor protection

Whether you’re a contractor on a construction site or you’re a homeowner in the process of remodeling a kitchen or home office, using temporary floor protection during construction is a smart choice. Ram Board floor protection can help keep your surfaces damage-free and looking their best.

Benefits of using floor protection

Temporary floor protection has a lot of benefits, and no one can deny that saving your job site from preventable repairs and added costs is a nice perk. Here are some of the reasons floor protection can help you win on the job site:

1. Convenient

Our mission is to create easy-to-use, dependable job site protection that is just plain tough, and using our floor protection products couldn’t be easier. 

roll of Ram Board floor protection in unfinished roomEasy to install. Ram Board® is easy to install and just as easy to remove. Just unroll, bend the board back to flatten it out, and tape it down. Our pre-taped version, Ram Board Plus®, takes the hassle of seaming the boards together by hand completely out of the picture.* Ram Board also comes in a floor protection sheet for quick, on the job setup.

Cut to size. Ram Board is easy to cut to fit any size and space. Our Multi-Cutter™ utility knife is perfect for cutting Ram Board with ease without damaging the surface beneath. 

Reusable. At the end of your job, you can roll Ram Board back up, toss it in your truck or in your garage, and save it for the next project. 

2. Eco-friendly

Not all surface protection is eco-friendly. But our paperboard floor protection is made from 100% recycled material and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This FSC certification ensures our product is made with recycled material instead of harvesting more trees. 

Some construction projects call for greener methods to be used in order to be LEED Certified. Because it’s recycled and reusable, Ram Board floor protection also contributes to LEED points on green construction projects.

It takes extra materials, tools, time and labor to fix a surface if it is damaged during construction. Using floor protection on each project can help reduce wasted materials, time and energy by protecting surfaces from damage. 

3. Protect floors and surfaces

Ram board home edition with a 2x4, saw and hardhat laying on itThe obvious benefit of products like temporary floor protection and temporary stair protection is that your floors and surfaces are protected during construction. Accidents that cause damage may not be easy to avoid, but you can prevent the damage by using Ram Board.

Ram Board can protect floors and walls from scratches and dents and is perfect for high traffic areas. This heavy duty floor protector is spill resistant, guarding surfaces from paint, mud and water. It’s also a breathable floor protection product, which allows curing floors to breathe. Home Edition® offers all the same benefits in a lighter application.

The Trusted Name in Floor Protection

When you use Ram Board floor protection during your construction project, you have the biggest advantage of allusing a trusted product that stands up to anything the job site throws at it. Explore our other products, from a door frame protector to a floor tape applicator, by visiting our catalog.


*Do not use Ram Board Plus with curing floors. Pre-taped edges are meant to be applied directly to Ram Board and are not intended to be taped to surfaces.