How Do You Protect a Door During Construction?

Man installing paperboard door frame protection from Ram Board

Protecting finished surfaces during construction is a big deal, whether you’re a commercial or residential contractor on a jobsite or a DIYer remodeling your home. Floor and wall protection have a lot of options out there, but what about door and door frame protection? 

Protecting a Door from Damage

Replacing or repairing a door can hurt your wallet and your timeline. We’re here to offer a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way to ensure your doors are protected during construction.

Remove the door.

This might seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how often doors get damaged simply because they’re there. Carrying paint equipment, ladders, or other bulky items through door openings is the easiest way to accidentally bump, dent, or scratch a door.

Not every project will require you to remove the door from the hinges. However, removing the door, covering it with plastic sheeting or a drop cloth, and storing it in a safe place until construction is finished is the easiest way to ensure protection.

Cover the door.

If removing the door isn’t an option, you can cover the door with builder’s paper to protect it from paint overspray and splatters. Need a more durable option? Go for thicker protection like Ram Board Home Edition.

The paper board surface protector conveniently comes in 36” – the average width of most doors. If you have a glass door, covering the window pane with a protective, self-adhering window film can protect it from overspray and scratches.

Protect the frame and threshold.

Whether the door is removed from the hinges or not, protecting the door frame is just as important. Swinging the ladder too wide results in a dent. Moving bulky items through the doorway scuffs the paint or scratches the finished wood. These damages rack up, and fixing them takes time and money. 

ram jamb door frame protection

Threshold Protection: Protect the threshold by covering it with a blue painter’s tape or UV-resistant tape. There are also fitted plastic threshold covers that protect metal door sills from scratches, spills, and more. 

Door Jamb Protection: You can use cardboard to cover the door jamb, but what if there was an easier way to protect door frames without the hassle of cutting cardboard and taping it in place?

Ram Board makes door frame protection simple. Our Ram Jamb door jamb protector is easy to use, easy to remove, and reusable. All you have to do is pop the door frame protector over the trim and slide it into place. When the project is complete, just take it off the frame and save it for your next project.

Why stop at door protection?

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for door frame protection, chances are you will need surface protection as well. Protect those surfaces with Ram Board. Our line of heavy-duty floor protection is flat-out tough. It lays out fast and flat, and is liquid resistant and breathable. Check out our temporary stair protection and other surface protection products to find the product that is right for you.