What Adhesive Tape Should You Use With Your Surface Protection?

green adhesive tape for surface protection

Looking for a multi-purpose adhesive tape that sticks around? Or are you on the hunt for a breathable tape that won’t damage your floors while you work? Before you use any old adhesive tape to anchor your temporary surface protection down or hang your poly sheeting, you should know if it is right for your job.

Choosing the Right Tape for the Job

Not all tapes are created equal. There are a lot of different types of tape for different jobs. Carpet tape, painter’s tape, electrical tape, sealing tape, transfer tape, packing tape, and mounting tape…the list goes on.

Some heavy duty tapes are meant to hold up to heavy foot traffic and machinery, while other tapes like masking tape or paper tape, may be better suited for lighter applications or DIY projects. Some pressure sensitive tapes are breathable, while others could potentially block vapors from escaping while concrete cures, leaving lines and leading to an unsatisfied customer.

Choosing the right surface protection tape at the beginning of a project can save you time, money and headaches. We’re here to help you find the right Ram Board tape to fit your needs.

Edge Tape

Ram Board offers two Edge Tapes that outperform traditional multi-purpose tapes. With low tack adhesive, these specialty tapes are strong enough to anchor down Ram Board and other materials and remove easily without any residue.

14-Day Edge Tape

The 14-Day Edge Tape is perfect for quicker jobs. This 2.5” tape is durable and bonds to Ram Board and other surfaces with a medium-high adhesion to keep your surface protection in place. Removes easily without residue for up to 14 days.

90-Day Edge Taperam board edge tape

90-Day Edge Tape is a no-nonsense, high tensile tape that lasts. Used to keep floor protection like Ram Board and Stair Armor in place, it’s conformable, easily removable, and water-resistant, and stays put for up to 90 days with zero residue.

And unlike conventional tapes, this edge tape is designed to be repositionable without any adhesive fallback. What does this mean for you? Gone are the days of throwing tape away when it sticks to itself. If 90-Day Edge Tape sticks to itself, just separate it and keep on taping.

Another great way to use 90-Day Edge Tape is if you’re using a high tack adhesive like double sided tape or seam tape, but don’t want to damage the surface. You can apply 90-Day Edge Tape first and follow with the more aggressive adhesive to protect surfaces.

*Prior to applying any edge tape to a surface, we definitely recommend testing in a small, inconspicuous place to avoid damage to your floors. Edge tape should only be used on dry, clean surfaces.

Seam Tape

You’ve laid your Ram Board down, and now you’re ready to seam the temporary floor protection boards together. Choosing the right seam tape for the job is important, especially if you have concrete floors that are curing or on-site finished or recently cured hardwood floors.

In those cases, you need to have breathability in your floor tape. Moisture and vapors need to escape in order for the floor to properly cure. Otherwise, you’re stuck with cure lines, floor damage and, ultimately, costly repairs.

Ram Board offers two seam tapes that are perfect to use during any construction job or home renovation:

Seam Tape

Our original seam tape blocks out liquid, dust and debris so surfaces keep looking their best. The kraft paper backing makes this tape easy to tear and install.

Vapor cure seam tape being applied to surface protection

Vapor-Cure® Seam Tape

Our Vapor-Cure® Tape is engineered with an exclusive Vapor-Cure technology, allowing moisture and vapor to escape from curing concrete, epoxy floors, stained floors, laminate floors and more.

*Never apply seam tape directly to floors or delicate surfaces. The aggressive adhesive can remove finishes and damage floors.

Pro Tape™

Pro Tape™ is a heavy duty duct tape that makes no compromises. Engineered with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive, Pro Tape is designed to be long lasting and durable.

You can use this high-strength duct tape as a seaming tape for jobs that don’t require a breathable tape or use it to hang plastic sheeting for dust containment.

From packing boxes to patching holes and other temporary repairs, this multi-purpose tape can be used just about anywhere for just about anything. Since this tape is the real-deal for heavy duty duct tape, we recommend never applying this tape directly to flooring or delicate surfaces.

Heavy Duty Adhesive Tapes for Any Job

Here at Ram Board, our commitment to providing quality products doesn’t budge, and your expectations shouldn’t either. When looking for a heavy duty adhesive tape that sticks around, look no further than Ram Board. For easy tape application, view the Ram Board Seamer. For more trusted job site protection solutions such as our door frame protector and floor tape applicator, check out our product page.