The Importance of Breathability In Floor Protection

A roll of ram board plus the text "importance of breathability"

What is Breathable Floor Protection?

Let’s face the facts: Floors need to breathe. In order to breathe, floors need breathable floor protection products that don’t trap moisture so they can properly cure. Protecting hard surfaces on a job site is your top priority. Ram Board has surface protection solutions you can trust. Our line of breathable floor protection products is top of its class. Featuring our exclusive Vapor-Cure® technology, these specialty products are made with materials designed to allow vapor through and evaporate so surfaces underneath can dry or cure. 

Why is Breathability Important?

You might be asking yourself, “Why is breathability so important?” If surfaces are covered with a floor covering, moisture can become trapped, and it can lead to water damage. If a surface is unable to dry, it leaves the area susceptible to damage when the surface protector is removed. Hard surfaces such as concrete and wood floors especially need time to properly cure. Thankfully, here at Ram Board, we have a solution to this problem with our trusted line of products.

Breathable Floor Protection Products 

If you’re a homeowner looking to do some major remodeling tasks, a business owner planning on repairing a part of your building, or a general contractor working in this field, you need to be using breathable floor protection that will keep all types of flooring looking their best.

Ram Board’s got you covered. We’ve put together a list of dependable temporary floor protection products you can count on to provide breathable protection. 

    1. Ram Board: Forget drop cloths or builders paper, this tried and true floor protector product provides the ultimate breathable surface protection. Designed with our exclusive Vapor-Cure technology, this heavy duty protection board allows floors to cure properly. Ram Board Home Edition, and Ram Board Plus also have this critical feature. 
    2. Pro Sheets: Toss out your masonite and switch to Ram Board Pro Sheets; they’re breathable, liquid resistant, and cost-effective. These heavy duty surface protection sheets are double the thickness of Ram Board, providing extreme protection. Ram Board paper board stair protection view from below
    3. Stair Armor: New stairs? No problem. Stair Armor is a breathable stair protector designed with an adjustable tread, spill resistance and Vapor-Cure technology. The impact resistant design makes Stair Armor the ideal surface protector for high traffic areas.
    4. Vapor-Cure Tape: Need an adhesive tape for your board product? When breathability of your surface protector is key, Vapor-Cure Tape makes no compromise. This white seam tape allows vapor and moisture to escape so cure lines are a thing of the past. *Test tape prior to applying directly to floors.*

Let Surfaces Breath

Ram Board floor protection products are great for a variety of flooring surfaces, including hardwood floors, tile, concrete, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, laminate, VCT, and many more. Certain surfaces, like concrete and freshly finished floors, require time to cure. Ram Board provides breathable protection so you can focus on the task at hand. For more information, check out Ram Board’s full line of floor protection products.