Why You Should Use Ram Board Floor Protection on Your Next Construction Project

nails falling on Ram Board construction floor protection

Your floors should be protected when you’re doing any construction or remodel job. Concrete, tile, hardwood floors and other surfaces all benefit from construction floor protection to prevent damage while you work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor or a DIYer, whatever your job entails—painting, drywall work, moving furniture or equipment—floor protection can save you a lot of headaches down the road. 

Why is floor protection during construction important?

Floors see a lot of action during a job, whether it’s heavy foot traffic, equipment, or messes from mud or spilled paint. The last thing you want is to get to the end of a construction job or DIY renovation and have damaged floors. One accidental drop of a hammer and the floor is now chipped or scratched. An overturned paint can or dropped brush results in a mess that seems impossible to clean up—and unless you get to it right away, just might be.

When floors are damaged, you’re looking at additional time and money for repairs. If you’re a contractor, that means having an upset customer. Using a temporary floor protection product like Ram Board before you start your work can save you that time, money and inevitable headaches of repairs. 

What type of floor protector should you use?

Drop cloths, masking paper and film, cardboard, plywood and masonite are all popular products used to protect floors from paint, spills, and construction mess and damage. But not every product is right for the job.

If you’re considering what type of surface protection to use, think about what type of work you will be doing. What type of flooring do you have? Is it a new concrete floor, tiled kitchen, or hardwood? Will there be equipment coming in and out of the space? Will there be paint or drywall work? Thankfully, Ram Board is your one-stop-shop for these construction floor protection needs

What is Ram Board®?

ram board floor protection laid on concrete
Ram Board Pro Sheet

If you’re new to the realm of floor protection, here is what you need to know. Ram Board is a heavy-duty temporary surface protection product that was originally used to meet the heavy demands of the movie industry. Since then, it’s made its way into the hands of contractors and remodelers and has dominated the temporary floor and surface protection industry. 

Ram Board is a thick paperboard product made out of recycled material and engineered with exclusive Vapor-Cure® and Spill Guard® technology, making it breathable for curing floors, but tough enough to withstand spills. It can protect a wide range of floor types and surfaces including hardwood, tile, epoxy, concrete, linoleum and more.

Advantages of Using Ram Board Floor Protection

  1. Ram Board is easy to use – It lays out fast and flat with our tried and true “bend back method.” Compared to other products like masonite, Ram Board is much easier to handle on a jobsite. 
  2. Ram Board is affordable – Compared to masonite or plywood, Ram Board is a much more cost efficient product.
  3. Ram Board is reusable/recyclable – Ram Board is FSC® Certified, meaning it is made out of recycled materials. At the end of the job, you can either recycle the floor protection or reuse it, which adds to the affordability. 

Ram Board Products

We offer a number of construction floor protection products to meet the needs of your jobsite: 

  • Ram Board® – At 5X thicker than builder’s paper, and with Vapor-Cure and Spill Guard technology, this product can stand up to paint spills, mud, and heavy foot traffic, while letting curing floors breathe. It also features a scored Wall Guard® that allows you to protect walls and baseboards.

    Ram Board Plus
  • Ram Board Plus® – Take seam tape out of the equation! Ram Board Plus is pre-taped so you don’t have to mess around with seaming edges together. If you’ve got curing concrete floors, you’ll want to use our original board with our Vapor-Cure® Tape.
  • Ram Board Home Edition® – Designed with all the same great features as our original board, but only 4.5x thicker than builder’s paper making it great for DIY and lighter applications. Just like the original, it can protect all types of floors and surfaces including hardwood floors, tile floors, linoleum, vinyl, concrete, laminate countertops, and more.
  • Ram Board Pro Sheets® – Don’t worry about dropping a hammer with Pro Sheets protecting your floors. These heavy-duty floor protection sheets are 8X thicker than builder’s paper. And while they are lighter than masonite or plywood, they’re strong enough to stand up to the jobsite. Pro Sheets are breathable and offer extreme liquid holdout.

Prevent Unwanted Damage with Construction Floor Protection

No matter what your job demands, floor protection should be top of mind when starting a project. Avoid the headaches of costly repairs by putting Ram Board down before you begin. Contact us with any questions, and view our full line of products, including a door frame protector, seam tape, floor tape applicator, and more.