4 Alternative Uses for Ram Board

ram board flooring protection

In our industry, we like to say that Ram Board is the Kleenex of flooring protection. This means that our products are so well known and trusted in the construction industry that contractors use our brand name when talking about flooring protection.

Why is Ram Board synonymous with temporary floor protection? It’s a dependable, heavyduty surface protector designed to be breathable, reusable, non-staining, resistant to spills, and made with 100% recycled materials. This makes it a top-of-the-line floor protection product that contractors ask for by name. Ram Board can be used to protect all types of old and new flooring, from laminate, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile (VCT), epoxy, and more.

Outside of flooring protection, Ram Board can be used in a lot of different ways, both on and off the jobsite. Its unique features make it a dependable and versatile floor protection option for contractors and DIYers alike. Here’s a list of 4 alternative uses for Ram Board.

Alternative uses for Ram Board

1. Wall Guard Protection

Protecting your drywalls from dings, dents, and scratches is just as important as protecting your floors. Bumping into walls with tools or equipment can happen quickly but can create costly repairs. Avoid additional repairs by applying Ram Board to your vertical surfaces as a wall guard.

Measure the size of the wall that needs protecting, cut to size, and apply with Ram Board 90-day tape. *Before applying test tape in an inconspicuous place to prevent damage. Take your vertical protection to a new level and install door jamb protectors to prevent damage to door frames. 

Clean organized suburban residential two car garage with tools, file cabinets and sports equipment.


2. Garage Protection

Although not the most glamorous room of a house, your garage floors have gotten a lot of wear and tear over the years. Whether you use it to park your cars, for storage, or as a workshop space, a simple piece of floor covering with the extreme liquid holdout can lengthen the life of your floors and protect them from oil spills, scratches, and skid marks. 

Learn more on how to protect your concrete floors from damage.

3. Countertop & Tabletop Surface Protection

Ram Board is extremely versatile and easy to use. In addition to floors, Ram Board can also be used on elevated surfaces instead of tarps and drop cloths. Dents, scratches, and spills are always a risk on the jobsite. Replacing a  piece of damaged marble is not the repair your wallet wants to be making. Take that risk out of the equation and protect any countertop, table, or piece of furniture that a tool or spill may land on.

4. Weed Barrier

We know what you’re thinking. “Ram Board…in a garden?” But you’d be surprised how many people are looking for an environmentally safe way to block weeds from popping up between their tomato plants.

When prepping your garden, a weed barrier is a necessary part of improving the overall health of your garden. A weed barrier prevents weeds from growing and harming plants, allows proper air and water flow, and even stabilizes the soil temperature.

Ram Board is made from 100% recycled materials so it’s an environmentally safe choice. To install, first remove all weeds, grass, and other vegetation from your space. Next, level the soil and roll out a piece of Ram Board. Fill in with soil and mulch and begin planting.

Total Jobsite Protection

Ram Board is known and loved in the construction industry as the go-to floor protection product. In addition to being the ultimate temporary floor protector, it can also be used to protect walls, garage floors, elevated surfaces, and even garden beds. Learn more about Ram Board’s full line of surface protection products including Ram Board’s Home Edition and Pro Sheets for total jobsite protection.