Surface Protection During Construction: High Traffic Areas

surface protection during construction

Whether residential or commercial, construction projects typically involve heavy foot traffic in and out of the site. This endless traffic easily damages busy areas like hallways, stairs, and entryways, resulting in expensive repairs and delays. 

By protecting these high traffic areas, you can minimize damage, saving you and your crew time and money. 

Understanding your space

Protecting busy areas is important for both looks and safety on construction sites. Damage to floors can pose trip hazards and lead to accidents, resulting in potential liabilities for contractors. 

Before using surface protection, evaluate your space and identify areas that need protection. Also, plan the paths workers will take to finish their tasks. These areas will need additional protection from the daily wear and tear for foot and equipment traffic. 

Armor up with Ram Board

Ram Board is the leading provider of temporary floor protection solutions designed specifically for construction sites. Our products are known for their durability, versatility and ease of use. We’ve created a list of some of our key offerings that safeguard high traffic areas: 

Ram Board

The tried and true. Ram Board, a heavy-duty board designed to protect floors and hallways from spills, mud, and foot traffic. Each Ram Board roll features scored edges that fold up to protect baseboards, reducing damage from dirt and equipment bumps. 

Ram Jamb

Every job’s got a doorway, and yet it’s easy to overlook. Ram Jamb door jamb protector quickly and easily reduces the risks of dings and dents. What happens if your door jamb is damaged? It can make the door completely inoperable. Trust us, repairing a door jamb after the job is costly and just downright annoying.

Stair Armor

Protect stairs from heavy foot traffic when working on multiple levels. Ram Board’s Stair Armor provides a durable, yet quick solution to protect every part of the stair. Stair protection sheets feature adjustable tread sizing, riser and bullnose coverage, and grip strip backing for total stair protection. Bonus: Stair armor is insanely easy to install. 

Maintaining a line of defense

Don’t forget to protect the high traffic areas on the job. We’ll go as far to say that these are the most important areas that need protection due to the non-stop traffic they endure. Make no mistake, protect with Ram Board.