5 DIY Home Renovations You Can Actually Tackle

painting accent wall for DIY home renovations

So you want to upgrade your living space but hiring a pro isn’t an option? Don’t let tackling DIY home renovations make you sweat. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned DIY warrior, we’ve got a lineup of 5 simple home renovation projects you can actually finish.   

5 DIY Home Renovation Ideas

Exposed wood beams1. Wood Beams

You want that rustic charm – that warm, inviting feel to your space – but don’t know where to start? Wood beams are your next best friend. Wood beams may seem to like a heavy lift (literally), but you can create the look without the weight in 4 simple steps.  

  1. Locate ceiling joists and install the mount you’ll be building your box beam on. 
  2. Next, build your box beam. Using a nail gun, attach the bottom and side boards to create a U-shaped box beam.  
  3. Give your beams some personality and stain them. 
  4. Install your faux ceiling beams by positioning the box beam over the mount and nail into place.  

Need a little more detail? Read the full tutorial.  

2. Breakfast Nook

Transform that boring kitchen corner into a functional breakfast nook. This DIY renovation will take your kitchen from dull to dazzling, giving you a cozy corner for coffee and breakfast.  

First, measure your space and sketch out a plan for how you want to transform it. To create the base of the bench, assemble using 2×4 lumber. Attach the plywood seat and backrest using screws and wood glue.  

Lastly, sand, stain and add upholstery for a personalized touch.  

Have a question about this project? We’ve got answers.  

painting accent wall3. Accent Walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint? How about a wall that makes a statement. From bold colors to eye-catching wallpapers and textured finishes, this DIY project will help you revamp your space with style.  

As always, protect your floors and surfaces from paint and stain spills during your projects. Use drop cloths, masking tape, masking film, and heavy-duty surface protection like Ram Board 

4. Bathroom Revamp

Give your bathroom a fresh, modern look without breaking the bank. Bathroom makeovers are a great DIY project because small changes usually pack a bigger punch. New fixtures and hardware, stylish mirrors, a distinctive backsplash, and a fresh coat of paint and you’ve got a brand-new space.  

5. Customized Storage Solutions

Not every DIY project has to involve a hammer or screw gun – although those projects are probably more fun. But if you’re tight on space, organizing and creating storage areas can be a huge help. Use space under stairs, repurpose old furniture for more storage, and buy baskets or containers to keep things organized. 

Contractors Guide to DIY Renovations

Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of wood beams or the practicality of customized storage solutions, these projects can make you a DIY hero. As always, we recommend protecting your surfaces during any and all renovations to avoid additional work. Explore Ram Board’s full line of surface protection products