How to Install Ram Board Stair Armor

Stair armor being taped onto stairs

Why is stair protection important for contractors?

Whether you’re a contractor renovating, building, or moving into a new space, if your job site has stairs, things may get gritty. Stairways are typically a high-traffic area which may lead to unforgiving mistakes.

Stair protection can come in all sorts of methods and materials including slip-resistant drop cloths, surface protection film, and flooring paper. Regardless of the way you tackle stair protection, it’s important to protect this high-traffic surface to prevent damage. Knicks, spills, and scratches to your stairs will cost you time and money to repair or replace.

What is Ram Board Stair Armor and its benefits for distributors?

Ram Board Stair Armor is a heavy-duty surface protection specifically designed to shield stairs during construction, renovation, or moving. Made with traditional Ram Board material, Stair Armor offers dependable spill, slip, and impact resistance. Distributors can benefit from offering this product to their customers, as it provides a reliable and efficient solution for stair protection.

Stair Armor takes the hassle out of installing surface protection rolls. Stair protection sheets include adjustable tread sizing, riser and bullnose coverage, and grip strip backing for total stair protection for any construction or renovation job.

stair armorPrepare for installation

Before installing Stair Armor (or any surface protector for that matter), it’s important to properly prepare your surface. First and foremost, measure your space to determine how many stair protection sheets you’ll need for your job. At retail, these are sold in packs of six and each sheet covers one stair tread, riser, and nose.

Before you install, clean up your dirt and grime. When surfaces are not cleaned prior to installing a surface protector, the floors underneath can be easily scratched. Plus, the tape doesn’t like dirt. When there’s dirt, tape won’t stay put, ultimately making your stairs a hazardous surface for workers.

Installing Ram Board Stair Armor

After preparing your surface, protect it with Stair Armor.

  1. Slide a stair protection sheet into place.
  2. Adjust the fold for a snug fit on the stairs.
  3. Fold the edge down to protect the nosing.
  4. Tape the edges into place using Ram Board’s 90-day Edge Tape.

Tips for a smooth installation

You’ve already invested time and money into stair protection. Well done. For an easy installation, here are some simple steps to make your job as seamless as possible.

  • Measure your space. As mentioned above, measure before buying any surface protection to determine how much you’ll need. This will eliminate having to make multiple trips to the home store.
  • Inspect your surface protector frequently. Although it’s Ram Board tough, Stair Armor isn’t indestructible. Inspect and replace areas that have endured spills and heavy foot traffic if needed.

Secure your tape. Don’t let dirt or spills seep underneath your surface protector. Make sure your tape is smooth and properly adhering to the surface. When using Ram Board 90-day Edge Tape, don’t leave this on surfaces for more than 90 days.

Protect your stairs with Stair Armor 

Surface protection is a necessity for any job type, but especially an area that endures heavy traffic. Protect your stairs with Ram Board Stair Armor. Explore Ram Board full line of surface protection products for total jobsite protection.