A Complete Guide to Surface Protection During Renovations

Person holding stair guard with stairs covered with stair guard in the background

Mistakes are not an option when it comes to a renovation project. Whether you are completing the project as a homeowner or general contractor, surface protection should be top of mind. And finding the best floor protection for construction and renovation projects should be your first priority.

Floors, countertops, stairs, and even doors all deserve to be protected from dust, dents, and spills—all of which will happen on the job. Accidents happen. But surface protection products prevent big mistakes that end up costing you time and money.

What is Surface Protection?

Surface protection is any product that reduces the risk of damage. Whether the risk is water, paint, or dust, surface protectors shield and protect until the job is done. From lightweight builder’s paper to heavy-duty corrugated plastic, these products are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. There are a lot of different types of surface protection out there depending on the job, like temporary surface protection for short-term projects or heavy-duty surface protection that can be used for long-term projects.

Benefits of Surface Protection

Surface protection products prevent all sorts of accidents such as tracking in dirt and disastrous paint spills. When used properly, surface production products help save time and save money. 

Surfaces to Protect During a Renovation

Renovations don’t have to be a headache. With the right preparation and products, mistakes can be prevented and dare we say—avoided. When choosing a surface protection product, separate your needs by the surface you’ll be protecting. A few surfaces that needs protecting during a renovation may include:

  • Hard floors
  • Carpets
  • Countertops
  • Stairs
  • Door Jambs

Understanding How to Protect Surfaces



Ram board floor protection laid out on the floor of a large empty roomFirst and foremost, floor protection is a must. This surface is going to endure the most foot traffic. Ram Board is a temporary floor protection board specifically designed to protect floors from scuffs, spills, and dents. This trusted, heavy-duty board protector can be used to protect tile, vinyl, concrete, and hardwood floors, and even comes in easy-to-install floor protection sheets.

Designed with our unique Spill Guard® Technology, not even the dirtiest of spills can harm your surface. Added bonus: Ram Board rolls include Wall Guard® feature for the ultimate baseboard and trim protection as well. For quick tape application, try our standing floor tape applicator.


Ram board home edition with a 2x4, saw and hardhat laying on it

Countertops are one surface you don’t want to crack or dent. One drop of the hammer, and you’ll be replacing an entire island of granite or marble. Paint and sawdust are a pain to clean up. Make your clean up easier, and protect your countertops with Ram Board Home Edition.

These rolls offer the same tough qualities as Ram Board, but are just a bit thinner, making it easy to roll out and conform to hard surfaces and countertop spaces.


No need to install paper products on your knees anymore. Ram Board offers a specially designed stair protection product that is already cut and folded to fit perfectly along your staircase.

Stair Armor is adjustable to fit various tread sizes and features bullnose protection. Leak-resistant and reusable, this is one product you don’t want to pass up. Just slide into place and tape down for safety.

Door Jambs

Ram Jamb door jamb protector being slid onto door frame

Last, but certainly not least, protect your door jambs. Door protection is very important, and high traffic doorways are prone to dents and scratches from equipment and supplies. Ram Jamb offers heavy-duty, dependable protection for your doorways. Available in both 4-foot and 8-foot options, Ram Jamb is quick and easy to install and can be reused time and time again.


Make no mistake, protect your surfaces. Ram Board provides dependable, durable surface protection solutions for any type of renovation project. Explore our full catalog for total job site protection.