Stair armor being taped onto stairs
Floor Protection

How to Install Ram Board Stair Armor

Why is stair protection important for contractors? Whether you’re a contractor renovating, building, or moving into a new space, if your job site has stairs, things may get gritty. Stairways are typically a high-traffic area which may lead to unforgiving mistakes. Stair protection can come in all sorts of methods

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Closeup of ram board cutter tool
How To / Informational

Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter Gets an Upgrade

Ram Board has worked hand-in-hand with contractors since 1999. These close relationships have fueled product innovation, ultimately improving the Ram Board product. At Ram Board, we continually listen to feedback during product testing and product launches to keep these products jobsite-ready and relevant to contractors. Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter Utility Knife

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