Multi-Cutter – How To

It’s too easy to accidentally scuff or nick client’s flooring if you use a regular boxcutter or utility knife to cut Ram Board. That’s why Ram Board has engineered the Ram Board Multi-Cutter, with an exclusive dual edge guard system and anti-slip grip handle. Magnetic closures make replacing blades easy and simple, while fuzz guards prevent debris from collecting in the handle. The entire design of the Multi-Cutter is concentrated on keeping users safe, efficient and comfortable.


Looking at the Multi-Cutter you’ll see at the top, on either side of the blade, two orange edge guards. These are to prevent any damages to the surfaces you’re cutting on. This jobsite utility knife can handle rosin paper, plastics, roofing felt, cable-ties, carpet, packaging, and of course Ram Board. No matter what material you’re cutting, edge guards will prevent harm to the surface underneath.


Below the blade, attached to the handle, are two small metal arms. These are the fuzz guards. They prevent dust and debris from getting into the handle, a problem that often makes conventional cutting tools difficult to use.


The handle is ergonomically designed to prevent slippage while cutting or replacing the blade. Separate the two sides of the handle by pulling it apart at the indentations on either side. The top half will fold down to show the inside of the Multi-Cutter. Magnets on the inside of the handle provide a quick and easy-open clasp so you always have safe access for a blade replacement.


Once the Multi-Cutter is open, you’ll see an orange bar in the middle. Folding this bar back will get you to your 4 included blade replacements. Changing the blade is as easy as sliding the old one out, then sliding the new one in under the edge guards.


When you’re done, just fold the handle back into place. You’ll feel the magnets pull the two sides of the handle together.


Ram Board product reliability is paired with a straightforward design for this dual edge construction board cutter. Locate a dealer on the Ram Board website to find packs of 6 and 12 for your entire crew.

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