Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ram Board made out of?
100% recycled fibers (cardboard, paper, ply-fibers, and reinforcers).

How do I cut Ram Board?
We recommend Ram Board Multi-Cutter for best results.

What tape should I use to join Ram Board seams?
For best results, we recommend our Ram Board Seam Tape or Vapor-Cure Tape. We do not recommend taping directly to any flooring surface. Ram Tape and other tapes are not vapor permeable, therefore curing rate, where tape is applied, will vary. Use Ram Board Edge Tape to secure Ram Board directly to any hard flooring surface and remove within 14 days of application.

What type of floors can I protect with Ram Board?
Ram Board provides proven and trusted protection for new and existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile (VCT), epoxy and most other floor types.

Where can I buy Ram Board?
Ram Board is available in over 7,500 lumber yard and retail locations worldwide. Click here, to locate a dealer near you.

Is Ram Board recyclable?
Yes, Ram Board is recyclable!

How do I install Ram Board?
Ram Board's best practices recommend installing the product with logo side up. This allows the board to lay out and install the quickest. Simply lay roll on the ground, roll out to desired length, and cut. To cut, roll Ram Board away from floor or surface, cut, and lay back into place. Ram Board can be cut with Multi-Cutter or a utility knife.

Can I reuse Ram Board?
Ram Board is reusable! Simply sweep or vacuum Ram Board thoroughly to ensure clean surface prior to re-rolling. Dirt & debris can scratch your hard surface if left on and rolled up.

Can I use Ram Board to protect a surface other than floors?
Ram Board can be used in many applications in addition to protecting floors. It can be used to protect other surfaces including: Countertops, stairs, wall surfaces and thresholds.