The Origin of Ram Board

A film crew working with ram board being used on set

Developed in 1999, Ram Board was originally designed to protect floors from the heavy demands of the movie industry. It was used on the sets of feature films such as Armageddon, The Hulk, Spider Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  

Word of Ram Board quickly spread to the construction industry where it was put to the test under the rigorous demands of contractors. Ram Board is now sold through over 7,000 local lumber and supply stores worldwide. What began in the studios of Hollywood, now protects construction projects worldwide. 

What is Ram Board? 

Today, Ram Board is predominately used as a surface protection solution. Designed with Flex-Fiber™ technology, there’s no question why it became contractors’ #1 choice for temporary floor protection. Built to outlast the duration of the job, this temporary surface protector is easy to install, durable and impact resistant.  

The heavy-duty floor protector can be used on a wide range of surfaces including hardwoods, tile, epoxy and vinyl. Ram Board was designed with Vapor-Cure and Spill-Guard technology, making it a breathable option with extreme water hold out. Don’t worry about your floors not curing all the way, Ram Board has your floors covered. Literally.  

Ram Board still lives in the film industry 

  1. Ram Board has been used on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” and thousands of Hollywood films.
  2. The logo was created by Lloyd Vaughn, illustrator of Bugs Bunny.
  3. Actor Paul Walker can be seen wearing a Ram Board shirt on the feature film “The Death and Life of Bobby Z”.
  4. Ram Board was featured as a Great Find in The Journal of Light Construction and Custom Home magazines.
  5. Featured as a green-building product in ohgreen news.

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