Ram Board Pro Sheets | Temporary Floor Protection Board

ram board pro sheet floor protection laid on cement floor by man in hardhat and gloves

When it comes to surface protection, there are a wide range of temporary floor protection board and film products to choose from. How do you even begin to compare and decide which product is the best for your specific job type?  

Our recommendation is to take a step back and think about what is important on your jobsite. Does the protection need to withstand heavy traffic and equipment? Will it need to repel water or paint? Will the surface protector need to be reused? Are additional supplies, such as tape, needed? These are all critical questions to ask yourself when deciding on which product to use.  

What is Surface Protection?

Surface Protection is a termed coined by professionals that includes all protective products and materials used to protect different surfaces on a jobsite. Using surface protection means to avoiding costly repairs in industries such as construction, flooring, concrete, disaster restoration, and remodeling projects.

Surface protection products range from: 


Ram Board Pro Sheets

Ram Board Pro Sheets are 2X thicker than traditional Ram Board rolls and are available in easy-to-use sheets. This heavy duty, temporary floor protection board is: 

  • Eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled fibers 
  • Leak resistant and reusable  
  • Highly impact resistant  
  • Breathable to protect wood, concrete, stone, tile, vinyl and other flooring types 

What sets this protector apart from the rest? Pro Sheets are tough, but lightweight, and easy to reposition if needed. Available in 4′ x 8′ sheets, the temporary surface protector can be secured on the job site with the help of Ram Board Seam Tape. 

Are Pro Sheets an Alternative to Masonite sheets?

Masonite is a type of hardboard made from wood and is sometimes used as a heavyduty, impact resistant surface protector. Masonite is cost effective, durable, and reusable. Pro Sheets offer the same qualities when used for surface protection purposes. What sets Pro Sheets apart from Masonite? Because it is designed with recycled paper fibers, it is extremely lightweight and easy to reposition. One sheet of Masonite weighs 20lbs, while Pro Sheets weigh only 7 pounds 

How to Install Pro Sheets

First, calculate the square footage of the area you will be protecting and determine how many sheets you’ll need.  

  1. Clear and clean the surface you’ll be protecting. 
  2. Lay out Pro Sheets on the surface. Tape the seams together using Ram Board Seam Tape (do not let seam tape stick to the floor). 
  3. Secure the perimeter to your surface using a less aggressive tape such as Ram Board’s 14 or 90-day tape.
  4. When finished, remove the seam tape. You can reuse the board if possible. 

Total Jobsite Protection

Pro Sheets are an ideal flooring protection board for any type of job. This tough temporary floor protector is thicker and easier to work with than our original board but maintains all the qualities that make Ram Board the trusted name in floor protection. . Explore all of Ram Board’s heavy duty surface protectors to ensure total jobsite confidence and protection.