Ram Board: 25 Years and Still Rolling Strong

Ram Board timeline

In the world of construction, where every job runs the risk of damage and every surface demands protection, one name stands tall. For 25 years, Ram Board has been the undisputed leader in the surface protection industry, earning the trust of contractors worldwide. Since 1999, Ram Board has provided contractors with peace of mind, knowing that jobsites are protected not only by the product, but by the dedicated customer support that comes with the brand. 

rusty ford pickup truck1999: Humble Beginnings 

Ram Board started as rolls of paperboard sold from the back of the founder’s pickup truck. Initially, Ram Board was intended for protecting floors from heavy foot traffic and lighting equipment on movie sets.

This was no ordinary surface protector, and its durability and breathability quickly made it a go-to solution in the construction sector. Ram Board took challenges of the jobsite by the horns, and quickly emerged as the top preference for floor protection among contractors. 

2013: Stronger Together 

As the construction industry evolved, so did Ram Board. In 2013, Ram Board joined with Surface Shields, an industry powerhouse known for its carpet shield films and durable surface protectors. These surface protection leaders saw the value of teaming up to expand the products they could provide contractors. Together, they offered a wide range of surface protection solutions to tackle even the toughest jobs.  

2022: Quadruple Threat 

Ram Board didn’t stop there. It continued to expand its product line with innovative solutions including lightweight sheets of Ram Board, stair protection and quality seam and edge tapes 

In 2022, Ram Board and Surface Shields partnered with Trimaco and Antinox to form Icon Protection. Trimaco brought its expertise within the paint and construction industries, offering not only surface protection products, but also masking, PPE and dust containment solutions. This expanded product offering armed contractors with products for total jobsite protection.  

Although Ram Board had been present in the UK since 2015, Antinox expanded Icon Protection’s international reach, leading the UK market with its reliable surface protectors and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Ram Board with paint spill splatter2024: Still Rolling Strong

After 25 years of innovation and dedication to quality products, Ram Board remains the most trusted brand within the industry. Contractors trust it to deliver time and time again, knowing that no matter the challenge, Ram Board has them covered – literally.

As the industry continues to evolve over the next 25 years, Ram Board will continue to set new standards – always with the contractor in mind.  

If you’re looking for the industry’s most reliable surface protection, look no further. Explore our full product offering and see why contractors around the world choose Ram Board.