COVID 19 Update

Dear Customers, As new, concerning information is continually being released regarding COVID-19, we want to take this time to first and foremost let our customers know that we hope you remain safe and well. We have guidelines in effect to protect the health of all employees and encourage customers to do the same. We are […]

Multi-Cutter – How To

It’s too easy to accidentally scuff or nick client’s flooring if you use a regular boxcutter or utility knife to cut Ram Board. That’s why Ram Board has engineered the Ram Board Multi-Cutter, with an exclusive dual edge guard system and anti-slip grip handle. Magnetic closures make replacing blades easy and simple, while fuzz guards […]

This is What You Should Use for Floor Surface Protection

When doing major renovations or contracting work, most construction workers want to put some kind of floor surface protection down. It’s heavy duty and dirty work, and if the floors have already been installed, you don’t want them getting damaged or too dirty while you finish the rest of the project. Sure, you’ll clean at the end, but minimizing the wear and tear from items dragging and dirt, mud, and other elements being brought in and out of the area is extremely helpful.