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Project Mat

Heavy-duty portable protection
Water resistant
Easy to use for multiple surfaces
Contractor strength
Unfolds into 3 sizes
Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Size: 3'x4'4" (13 sq.ft.) | Weight: 2 lbs. | Thickness: 44 mil

Project Mat™ Info

Ram Board’s Project Mat™ provides portable protection for every project.  This heavy-duty, re-useable protection folds into three sizes for jobs small and large. Contractors and DIY’ers are provided quick & easy protection for everything from fix-it lists to paint. It folds up for easy storage until the next project.
Shipping Information
Box Size: 18"x18"x36" | Weight: 240 lbs.| 110 mats/box

Project Mat Uses

Tool mat & punch list protection Protection for your home projects Multiple mats create spray shield Fold & trap debris for easy clean-up