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Project Mat product picture Trash Box New Product!
16.5” x 16.5” x 34”
2.5 lbs.
Product#: RBTB 16-34
Quantity: 15 /Box
Help keep work environments clean and safe with Trash Box, Ram Board’s unique trash container for jobsites and events. Constructed out of 100% recycled materials, Trash Box is a green solution for jobsite trash. It fits 42-50 gallon trash bags and features quick, self-locking assembly, making it an ideal disposal solution whenever and wherever you need one.  Trash Box folds down for easy, space-saving storage making it great on jobsites, at events, or for gardening use.

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Ram Board - Temporary Floor Protection Ram Board
38" x 100'
46 Mil Thick
317 SQ.FT.
Product#: RB 38-100
Quantity: 16 Rolls/Pallet
Ram Board is a heavy-duty, temporary floor protection engineered for Contractors. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind; it lays out fast and is re-usable. Ram Board is non-staining and utilizes Flex-Fiber™ technology allowing for the proper curing of new floors on jobsites. Exclusive Spill Guard™ technology provides added protection against water, paint, mud, and more.

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Home Edition product picture Home Edition™
36" x 50'
36 Mil Thick
150 SQ.FT.
Product#: RBHE 36-50
Quantity: 9 Rolls/Box
Home Edition™ carries the same properties of Ram Board in a smaller (36”x50’), lighter roll.  It is 15% thinner than our professional grade board but remains heavy-duty at 4x the thickness of rosin paper.  It provides re-usable protection for contractors and DIY’ers with smaller projects.

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Door Jamb protection product picture Ram Jamb 36" and 60"
36" or 60"
65 Mil Thick
Fits 4"-9" Jambs
Product#: RBJP 60
Quantity: 50 Units/Box
Ram Board’s Ram Jamb Door Jamb Protection is heavy-duty, flexible, and re-usable. With no tape or adhesive necessary, Door Jamb Protectors install in seconds. Simply snap onto door jambs for quick protection from the rigors of the construction site. Don't let accidents cost you time & money.
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Seam Tape product picture Seam Tape™
3" x 164'
6 Mil Thick
100% Recyclable
Product#: RT 3-164
Quantity: 16 Rolls/Box
Seam Tape™ is designed to hold Ram Board seams together. Because of its contractor grade adhesive it should not be taped directly to finished floors and surfaces. Like most tape it is not vapor permeable and should be avoided in areas where curing floors need to breathe.  
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Vapor-Cure Tape product picture Vapor-Cure™ Tape New Product!
3" x 108'
Product#: RBVCT 3-108
Quantity: 16 Rolls/Box
Ram Board's Vapor-Cure™ Tape is engineered with our exclusive Vapor-Cure™ technology. Once laid out, it prevents cure lines and blotchy, uneven finishes that occur in curing floors. Vapor-Cure Tape allows vapors and moisture to escape from concrete, glue down floors, stained floors, epoxy floors, refinished floors, vct, and most other floor types. When used with Ram Board, it provides the only complete Vapor-Cure™ floor protection system on the market.

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Project Mat product picture Project Mat™
3' x 4'4"
44 Mil Thick
13 SQ.FT.
Product#: RBPM 36-6
Quantity: 110 Mats/Box
For over 15 years Ram Board has been the #1 choice in floor protection in the construction industry. Contractors asked for a smaller portable Ram Board to carry on jobsites for various repairs and projects. We went to work to fulfill their request and are proud to introduce the Ram Board Project Mat. This latest addition to our line of products provides heavy-duty protection in a portable, easy-to-use mat. It's the perfect solution for both the professional contractor and DIY'er.

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